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Less distraction, more writing (and reading).

Tiny.Write.as is a lightweight reading interface for your Write.as blog — no web fonts, 96% less CSS, and minimal Javascript. Plus, it's more usable with screen readers.

Send readers to https://tiny.write.as/your-blog instead of your normal URL to give them a clean reading experience without the data bloat.

See an example blog

Your Blog

Go to Write.as Labs and select your blog from the list to view its tiny-page version.

An Experiment

We created this as a study of alternative blog formats, and a precursor to more advanced theming on Write.as and WriteFreely. It's also a test of how we can move from our hacky whitespace-preserving styles to more semantic and accessible styles.

For now it's a fun tool, but it might eventually become available as a theme for your blog. Either way, if you find it useful or have any feedback, please share it on the forum!