owl musings.

Good morning sunshine

I think I’ll try this “keeping a diary” thing again.

I try not to make new years’ resolutions because the start of the Gregorian calendar is such an arbitrary point to make life changes, not to mention it’s only one of many new years in the calendar. Still, things just happened to align this time around.

In this season of changes, I’m working on two big personal projects:

  1. I’m going to defeat (or at least tame) diabetes and reclaim my health.

  2. I’m going to use tech much more mindfully.

These changes are somewhat at odds with each other because I need to use tech to track health changes and make plans. I’m definitely not afraid of tech per se: I use a late-model iPhone daily, I have smart speakers at home, and we’ve “cut the cord” with respect to entertainment. With that said, I feel like I’m becoming too engaged with all of the tech available to me, and I want to pull my head out of the ground a little.

I’m going to use this space to journal my progress with these two goals and process how I make it work for me.