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Unwanted Sales Calls, Part Two

Photo by Pixabay

As discussed in Part One, unwanted sales calls and robocalls (a recorded caller), are voice call spam and can be irritating time-wasters. Part One has information on the Do Not Call Registry for residential phone lines, including cell phones. However, the registry is not available for business phone numbers. Here are some ideas for reducing these calls on a business line.

FusionPBX is a website where you can customize your company’s phone services and is available to our customers at AccelerateNetworks. On this website, you can add an incoming menu, such as: “Press 1 for…, Press 2 for…,” enable Call Screen for your extension, or use the Call Block tool.

To add an incoming menu, from Applications you go to the IVR, or Interactive Voice Recording Menu.

To enable Call Screen for your extension in your FusionPBX portal, go to Accounts, then Extensions, then to Call Screen.

Call Block is our call blocking tool accessible in FusionPBX under Applications, then Call Block. To use Call Block, press “Add,” and you should see a screen like what is shown below. Check off the numbers you would like to block, then press Block to save these blocked numbers.

We hope you will give these ideas a try. If you are still plagued by unwanted sales calls, ring up our Customer Service Team at 206-333-3341. We would be delighted to help you, and thank you for being an AccelerateNetworks customer.