Jane Q. Public

Jane Q. Public is a podcast featuring conversations with people across the social and political spectrum about the nature of modernity, our collective concerns as a nation, and the impacts of technology and digital civic culture on American life.

My top ten favorite episodes (so far):

  1. Ilene Haddad

    In which I interview my BFF for the very first episode of the podQast. We discuss art, travel, and a bunch of other things that are random and hilarious.

  2. Umar Hakim Dey

    In which I dive into the mind (and heart) of longtime friend Umar Hakim Dey, a community organizer, activist and social entrepreneur from Compton, CA.

  3. Bob LeDrew

    In which I welcome my Canadian friend Bob LeDrew, a recovering communicator who now spends most of his working time libraries and dabbling in musical things.

  4. Lil Milagro Henriquez

    In which I talk with Mycelium Youth Network founder Lil Milagro Henriquez about nerd culture, finding one's identity, cultural appropriation and her passion for educating and supporting youth in environmental activism.

  5. Yehuda Kurtzer

    In which Dr. Yehuda Kurtzer and I sportingly discuss identity, belonging, social transformation... and food.

  6. Omar Gallaga

    In this episode I welcome technology journalist and longtime friend Omar Gallaga to discuss his experience in media before, during and after the digital revolution.

  7. Dr. David Dault

    In which I welcome Dr. David Dault and ask him about about his Catholic faith; the limitations inherent in institutions; and the impact of technology on our public discourse and deliberative democracy.

  8. Neda Mo’Money

    In which I chat (and fangirl out) with Neda Mo'Money, a hijab-wearing, pole-dancing, social media creator who generously shares her humor, stories of recovery from familial abuse, and wisdom with the world.

  9. Ari Cohn

    In which I talk with Ari Cohn, Free Speech Counsel at TechFreedom, an organization dedicated to understanding the impacts of technology on our society. We discuss social media's impact on American culture; the importance of protecting first amendment rights to speech, especially in our new communications landscape; and how we can both protect and assert ourselves online.

  10. Coy Jones

    In which I chat up Coy Jones, a former philosophy professor turned healthcare policy consultant; national park enthusiast; armchair historian; and writer of fantasy stories.

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