If I had a thought that no one else knew about, can I even say it was real?

Expectation vs Reality

YouTube keeps suggesting certain types of videos to me. They are mostly titled similarly, like “What happens when you do 30 push-ups every day?” Or “I did 100 push-ups a day for 30 days, here's what happened”, etc...

It makes me wonder, what if I do that too?

Well, I'll tell you what will happen.

If you're a regular Joe like me, maybe living a bit of a sedentary lifestyle, you know what I'm talking about, people with a desk job, people who spend time binging on Netflix or YouTube, or people who play too much video games, or people who lose track of time doom scrolling on their phones, people who aren't exactly great examples of what fit and healthy looks like, I'll tell you what will happen... you'll end up with repetitive strain injury.

Stay away from videos like that.

If you're not a healthy person now, but you want to be, start out slow. Pick an exercise that you are interested in, do it for 5 reps, then see how you feel after. If you feel like you could do more next time, then do a little more later in the day, or the next day. The point is, you need to build up your body to be able to handle multiple reps of a certain exercise. You cannot just go all in and force yourself to do 30 push-ups a day just to see what will happen. I'm telling you from experience, you'll get repetitive strain injury. Take it slow and build up from there.