If I had a thought that no one else knew about, can I even say it was real?

Good Content vs Junk Content

You know what's annoying? You share good content to help people out and no one bats an eye. You share junk content, cat videos, memes, click-bait articles and everyone is all over it. It's messed up.

Is it because the algorithm is purposely drowning out your post full of good content, to instead prioritize on trash content? I wouldn't be surprised if that was true.

But it's not just the algorithm either. If people didn't keep giving their attention away to junk content, cat videos, memes, click-bait articles, etc... the algorithm wouldn't even know to prioritize those.

So next time you come upon an enticing click-bait article in your news feed, take a step back to think about whether you are feeding the algorithm or making the algorithm work for you.

Oh and I know what some people will say. Just get off social media, problem solved. No the problem won't be solved just like that. We've been at this “get off social media” campaign for awhile now and yet, people are still on social media.