If I had a thought that no one else knew about, can I even say it was real?

I Learned Nothing

I do not understand the outrage over the Basecamp debacle. I even slept on it and still don't understand it. There's not enough information online to truly understand what's going on. Yet the toxicity of the discussion about what might have happened, is bleeding through even to the blogs I'm following. I stopped following news to avoid toxicity. Should I stop following blogs now as well?

The founders are trying to reign things in and keep their employees focused on what they should be working on. Is that wrong?

Employees are leaving because they don't like the new rules and policies. Is that wrong?

Who's right and who's wrong here? That answer depends on your set of principles and beliefs. In which case, there is no right or wrong answer. In which case, what's the point of speculating about an internal company matter?

Why do people not involved in the company feel so affected by it? Some are even switching email services because of it. Is that not a bit of an overreaction?

Why does everything have to be political nowadays?

All of these questions just make me want to go offline.

I'm sorry for adding fuel to the fire. I wrote this post to better understand where my frustration on the matter comes from. And I realized from writing this, that my frustration comes from the time I wasted trying to understand the issue.

It came up multiple times on the feeds of bloggers I follow, that I ended up wasting time on Twitter looking at the threads regarding this topic. I even tried researching the matter and read articles from The Verge and other outlets. And what did I gain in the process? Nothing. Let me say that again. Nothing.

Nothing I learned could change what happened, or change anything in the company itself. In other words, it was an utter waste of time.