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My Problem With Micro-blogging

I now understand what bothers me so much about micro-blogging in general — it's the content... it's all about the very mundane things in life.

What I ate for breakfast. What coffee I'm drinking today. The number of lattes I've had today. My gym workout session. What new book I'm reading. A new selfie. A new photo of my pet. Etc... etc...

They all have the potential to be a great read. But almost all stop short of depth.

“Today I ate tacos for breakfast...” — Okay, there must be a story there. Why did you eat tacos instead of say a bagel? Oh wait, that's all there is in the post?

“Today I finished reading this book...” — And??? Was it good? Was it entertaining? Did you learn something from it? Why did you read the book in the first place?

“This app/tool is the best one I've used...” — Why is it the best? What makes it the best? What others have you compared it with?

Obviously what I have above are generic examples of micro-blogging. Not everyone blogs that way. But they are representative of what I've seen online, when I find myself checking out some feeds.

I don't know. Maybe it's just me. But they feel like a waste of time. They're like conversation starters shouted into the void, hoping someone will put in the effort to start a conversation.

Maybe that's how I need to look at it — they are conversation starters. But if the people behind those posts put in just a little more effort, I feel like they could come up with something more substantial. Something more respectful of people's time.