Don't lead

Not everyone should be a leader. Many individuals lack the necessary qualities to effectively guide and empower others at work. This is a well-known truth that people tend to avoid acknowledging.

Businesses often make the mistake of promoting the wrong people to managerial positions, disregarding the need for a specific type of person to be a successful leader. A true leader is someone who finds joy in helping others succeed, even if it means being disliked for making tough decisions.

Leadership also requires a touch of masochism, as it involves relying on others to carry out tasks and fix issues, while holding oneself accountable for the team's actions without micromanaging.

Becoming a leader means facing loneliness while building a collaborative team, handling scrutiny while embracing honesty, and granting autonomy to your team members. It's not an easy job, but it's immensely rewarding for those who are naturally driven to lead.

If you don't have the internal drive to be a leader, don't force yourself into the role. It's similar to parenthood – grueling yet rewarding. If leading isn't your passion, focus on being a problem-solver, creator, advocate, explorer, pioneer, or defender in your own field.

If you find yourself compelled to lead due to external pressure, push back and explore alternative paths to growth, like seeking a senior individual contributor role or taking on projects to expand your skillset.

Remember, leadership can't be taught; it requires genuine willingness from the heart. As Nietzsche said, β€œHe who knows why can endure any how.”