For when you think you're not ready

I don't have anything to write.

I don't have anything to say.

I'm not ready to do that speech.

I don't know enough about the problem to solve it.

These are things I think about often.

They are facts that are not so because I assume someone else is better/smarter/readier than I am.

I assume the right answer is in someone else's brain.

I figure that there's a more appropriate person to get this job done.

The truth, the real truth, is that most people around me are thinking the same thing I am.

They are holding back out of doubt and thus not doing anything.

Everyone has doubts. If they don't recognize them, their experience for sure has gaps and limitations.

People either know what they lack or, more dangerous, think they lack nothing when they of course do.

Everyone is playing with an incomplete puzzle box.

The question isn't why you should do anything at all.

The question is why you're assuming the wrong things.

Be bold and embrace your flawed hand and get started.