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Let's Chat: Office Hours for WriteFreely Swift Projects

Here's some news on the WriteFreely front! Starting next week, I'll be holding “office hours” for anyone that's interested in finding out more about the Swift projects I maintain, and how to contribute.

Here's the gist of it: you can book a twenty-minute session with me to chat about either the WriteFreely Swift package or the WriteFreely SwiftUI client app, Tuesdays and Thursdays, between 3:30PM and 5:00PM Eastern (12:30 and 2:00PM Pacific, 7:30PM and 9:00PM GMT).

While I've written before about contributing to both the package and the app, there hasn't been much uptake yet. It's now at a point where it's in great shape for contributions, with a list of open issues, but sometimes it's easier to sit and chat with the maintainer to walk through the codebase together or discuss some of the details of a particular feature or bug.

I also want this to serve as a way to help new iOS developers gain experience contributing to an open source project. Beyond being a way to practice writing Swift and get feedback from someone with a little more experience, it's also really nice to be able to link to a pull request and say, “I did that!”

Inspiration for this initiative comes from Simon Willison's post about holding office hours for Datasette, and full details on how this works are available in this forum topic.

I hope to speak with you soon!

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