A Modfather & A Hitman 🛠

Modfathers exist! So do hitmen!

But do they usually sit in public at the same table together when eating?

In my world, they do… 😂

Rick, Mary from Hyltonslots1, Bradley “The Modfather” Jones & “Hitman”

Was it an Italian restaurant? – The answer is NO.

Were they eating pasta? – Again, the answer is NO. 🍝

Were they planning on snuffing or taking out anyone for revenge? – DEFINITELY a NO!

Were they drinking wine? – NO. 🍷

Were they cursing & swearing in Italian? – Sorry, but still NO.

Were they carrying weapons, such as guns or silencers? – HELL NO!!!

Did they have any graves that were previously dug beforehand for any of their dinner guests? – A resounding NO! ☠

Did they have thick Italian accents & talk super fast & furiously & insult each other's mothers? – Ummm, NO. 🔊

Were any of them smoking cigars while dressed in suits? – NO.

Were there any bodyguards loyally following them around to protect them from stray bullets? – You know the answer by now – NOOOOOO!!!

Was there by chance an open car trunk in the parking lot awaiting a victim to be bound & kidnapped? – NO! 🔪

Were there any blood stains on their clothes? – Yeahhhh, again NO…

Did they make suspicious phone calls & talk in codes during their time eating? – Hmmmm? Another NO. 📞

Did any of them display public aggression or use intimidation tactics or threaten to kill someone's family member while enjoying their meal? – Oh geez, here goes… another NO.

Did any of them plan on wiping out a rival family to retain complete & dominant control of an empire? – Whew, that is for sure a NO… 🎯

And why, you ask???

What is the whole purpose of writing this completely nonsensical piece of satire, you ask???

All true facts, but done with tongue-in-cheek humor. Why, why, why, you ask???

Well, the answer is in this photo.

Mary from Hyltonslots1, Bradley “The Modfather” Jones, “Hitman,” “Jenny from the Block,” “Big Daddy” & “The Mrs. BD,” (All four from BDSlots) and Ed & his wife Michelle from The Great Indoors with Ed and Michelle.

(Sorry, Rick, you were in the bathroom when my hubby took this picture. But at least you were in the 1st one, right)? 😉

You see, Bradley Jones (wearing the Indians shirt) is a master moderator on approximately 45 YouTube slot channels. Give or take a few. In all probability, there are many many more. I just got that number from seeing him in an interview months ago. So by now & as of the time of this writing, that number has skyrocketed.

My emphasis is on the word MASTER.

He is considered to be “The Godfather” of moderators. A Marlon Brando with a blue wrench. 👤

That's why I have the wrench emoji in the title. Moderators are given a wrench emoji to perform repetitive & peace-making tasks. They help a channel filter spam or trolling or hateful comments that viewers post in the comment section during livestreams. They help out, like A LOT!!!

If some YouTube creator trusts you enough to be a moderator, then that is a very extreme compliment to give. That means they trust you will be FAIR & open-minded, welcoming yet discerning, all at the same time. They trust you to keep their paid members. To extend open arms to those that pay monthly fees. To learn to discriminate the innocent comments from those that are malicious. To be aware & assist everyone – subscribers AND creators – to actually have a good time on the channel.

So that is why he is considered to be “The Modfather” of moderators on slot channels. It may be a very insignificant thing to do for the average folks who come into the chats, but believe me when I tell you that you need to be a MULTI-TASKER extraordinaire!

And that is what he is! 🔧

So that is why I jumped at the chance to meet this legend. I wanted to see in person the man & the myth. Turns out he is extremely humble & fun-loving & not pretentious… at all. Very down-to-earth. Very kind. Listening carefully to people’s questions at the dinner table. Not much of a big boaster. Just thoughtful & extremely funny. Probably a higher IQ than most of the people he comes into contact with but he definitely won't shove that fact into people's faces. He may be a tad smarter than most, but that insight will most likely come from someone else, not him.

Rather normal & also extraordinary at the same time. I can believe that while watching him in action now. It's absolutely possible to be both all at once.

So, dear Bradley…

A big hug & a big “Thank You” for your many years of dedicated & oftentimes vastly under-rated service to YouTube!

It was an honor meeting you. Trust me when I say the pleasure was all mine.


But with all due respect, please, can we clone you somehow? 😆


OK, a shout-out to Rick, on the left in the 1st pic, son of Mary, from Hyltonslots1.

You know your NASCAR info, dude! You actually know so much trivia. So freaking knowledgeable! You can remember who took a punch or who threw one & probably, most likely, the time & date it happened & which road or race track it happened on. WOW! Not many fans like you have that memory retention! You definitely have a gift there, no doubt about that.

If you ever meet Kyle Busch in person, please tell him that he is the only man on my bucket list that I'd like to meet from NASCAR & that he is the only crush I've ever had in that sport. It has nothing to do with his wins. Only how he handles them. Some people may think he is an a**hole, but in my eyes, nothing but love… 😂

(BTW, you're SO verrryyy sweet). 💖

Next, your mom Mary (& your dad Jim who could not attend dinner). They have a new channel called Hyltonslots1.

Mary, you sat across from me at dinner & couldn't give a hoot that you were actually in my company. That's the kind of good people you are. I wrote about some very personal things & events that happened in my life & you literally were unfazed, in a beautiful way, mind you. I gave you a way out & told you not to worry. That I won't write about you if my name next to yours makes you feel uncomfortable. You didn't flinch.

Not ONE bit! You ACCEPTED me!


You reassured me that it was completely alright & you weren't embarrassed being in my presence. Your calmness around me was so grounded & it made me feel very centered.

That says volumes about your character.

VOLUMES!!! 📣📣📣

That is why you raising a blended family with your husband Jim makes so much sense now. When I see your thumbnail photo in the beginning of your videos that you post. Your pride in showing people how different you all look & being such a strong woman who doesn't care what others think. Just being true to your husband & your family. I honestly wish you nothing but success & growth with your channel. You deserve abundance, prosperity & multi-blended bonuses every time you sit at a slot machine!

Thank you for having such an open-minded & tolerant heart…

When I look at you, in my mind I see a flower-child all grown up. You & your husband have such gentle & loving hippie-heart vibrations!

We LOVE you both!!! 💞

Here is the link to their channel -



So who's next? Well, let's see, the man with “Hitman” on his T-shirt is from the “C-Town Crew” of BDSlots.

Do NOT let this man's size fool you, people! He is a dynamo with moves that will rival anyone who has the balls to spontaneously burst into playfully carefree gestures. Especially his lil' mohawk dance! The fact he is wearing a T-shirt with his face & likeness smack dab right in the middle of his chest says something, right?

And no, it was not planned for him to sit right next to Bradley in order to conceive the catchy title I happened to create. It was all just the Universe plopping itself down & flowing contentedly in the perfect rhythm of this world.

Also, do not let his low-rolling keep you from believing that you can't win big on a small bet. You CAN! He doesn't mind showing he bets smaller. He really doesn't need to prove himself to be the biggest spender in order to have some fun in life. In my eyes, that makes him truly adorable. If I remember correctly, I think all of his handpays were on $1.50 bets or less. Also, he's got a slogan -

“ANY win is a GOOD win!”

Meaning he can cash out when he's just slightly up on a machine & still be happy. Even if it's not a handpay & he still made a tiny profit, he still considers it a great session.

Kind of like that saying “Hit it. Then quit it!” 🔨

Sounds like a true hitman, doesn't it? 😆

BTW, we ALL loovvveee him too!


Just ask “Jenny from the Block,” who is sitting next to him!

They are 2 peas in a pod -

  1. She loves low-rolling, just like him.

  2. She is also a pint-sized dynamo, just like him.

  3. She has also won the Grand on a tiny bet, just like him.

  4. She breaks into spontaneous giggling, just like him.

  5. She also has a smile that lights up large & can literally blind you across the room, just like him! 😁

Hey Jenny, when are you gonna give another slot machine tutorial with your deep thoughts & advice for players betting small? Inquiring minds want to know! 🤔

I loved the last one you did. If you ever do another one, try to challenge yourself & do a max bet tutorial. Somehow I think you will have more deep thoughts on that kind of session! 😂


Uh oh… next people in the pic…

Yep, that's “Big Daddy” & the “Mrs. BD” from BDSlots!

These two made it all come together for that night. I am dead serious when I tell you that this husband & wife duo are the movers & shakers of pulling together a slot community. They helped organize everyone to come together to meet “The Modfather” & welcome him to our town! Literally wanting him to feel like a rock star when he arrives. Always thinking of new ways to stimulate others to take action & become part of their online family.

Many people don't know this, but they are the only people who have not been afraid to mention my blog to other viewers. They are the only people who have dropped a link to my essays. They are the only channel that said “Look, here's someone who deserves a shout-out.” They are the only channel to have pushed their egos aside to let someone else shine who didn't post slot videos. They are the only channel who reached out & said “We really want to meet you in person & get to know you!” They are the only channel to have shown the most gratitude for having someone promote them.

They are the only channel to make me feel like I actually have a Daddy & Mommy who said they were proud of my writing. 👪

Because of them, I don't quite feel as lost as I used to. Because of them, I feel like if I died tomorrow, my life has formed a full circle & has now become complete.

Thank you, Ron & Ang, for being another father & mother figure to me. Thank you for all the community posts you write when you take the time to elevate other people, not just yourselves. I know you don't have any kids & I'm a full-grown woman, but if you can find it in your hearts, can you please temporarily adopt me? Pleeasse? I wwuuvvv you… 😢


Awww, geez... OK, I need a little time alone, right now. I'll come back soon. 😢

OK, I'm back. 😊

Lastly, but definitely not least, are the last two people on the far right of the photo.

Ed & Michelle from The Great Indoors with Ed and Michelle.

Another hubby/wife team on YouTube.

Holy Toledo! 💥

I just found out that very night that I graduated high school with Ed & we were in the same graduating class. Didn't know until now, but damn! Why I don't remember him is because it was a pretty decent size class & maybe the classroom gods did not put us together to participate in life during that time period.

But now they did! 😆

When I got home that night I looked through my yearbooks & searched for his pictures from each grade. They were all there. All the 4 years that we spent roaming the halls of that school. He was telling the truth!

Hahaaa… I know if he went to go look for my photos, there would only be 3. I confided in him that I never took a senior picture because I hated the way I looked. People thought I never graduated but I have my diploma proving it. I guess I just wanted to be a ghost in my final year.


In all seriousness, the wifey sat next to me & we got to talking. Just small talk & getting to know each other with tiny bits of info. I found out she is just as supportive & works with him on his other business. Not everyone on YouTube makes tons of money from their channel so keeping a side business is the reality of a large percentage of creators that are out there.

Anyways, she told me how they both really cooperate with each other & how being there for him all the time & vice versa has truly made them tight as glue. Never doubting their commitment to each other. Always, always backing each other up. Always.

That's a very close couple, people.

Noone will ever put a wedge between those two, I can tell you right now. They ADORE each other. Even if they don't agree on everything (because no husband & wife always do), those 2 people showed me how strong bonds can be.

Talking with them gave me so many insights as to what makes a great team work. He mentioned the word balance & it stuck with me because that is one of the hardest qualities to cultivate when you've been with a spouse for so many years.


But they do it.

Both of them. 👫

They are loyal to each other. They took their vows seriously. They make it work by working with each other every day they can. I really admire them, those two. They both still try to find goofiness in their adventures together. They haven't gotten sick of each other even after spending so much time working side-by-side.

They WANT to make it work.

So they do! 💑

Well, I'm looking at the clock now & realize it's taken me approximately 2 days to complete this story.

I'm going to finish by saying that the main reason I wrote this was because I think we all need a shout-out sometimes in life. Sometimes we all feel like nobody notices the good qualities we have because social media can be so competitive & we think everybody else has a better life than we do. People post pictures, people upload content, people keep being driven by the “likes” that this day & age has made us become accustomed to.

There are many people out there in this world who have no social media accounts & do not post anything at all. Maybe they secretly need a “like.” Maybe they want someone to say something good about them. Maybe they want someone to shout from the mountaintop the amazing qualities they have but don't want to appear selfish.

Maybe they want to shine but feel guilty because they've gotten used to the fact they don't.

Maybe they are still looking for that pat on the back that was supposed to be given to them years ago.

That's why I chose to mention each person in these photos & try to find redeeming qualities in each one. I know it would have been easier to criticize each one because I can be a pessimistic perfectionist, but I tried to make each one shine in their own way through my eyes.

I hope I accomplished just that.

I hope that when you look at all of them that you don't see some sort of ugliness that isn't really there. Whether it's really bad lighting or whether it's not at a high-end table with chandeliers & champagne or whether the clothing doesn't come from Saks Fifth Avenue or whether their faces or bodies just don't seem perfect enough to you.

I hope you see beauty, instead, because that is what I see… 🌹

I hope you see a photo of beautiful people with beautiful hearts & beautiful souls & beautiful minds.

And remember, I'm the one who wrote this story?

So if you read this, that's what you're going to end up seeing.

You're going to eventually end up seeing what I took the time to write about & see…