A Promo Code For Angels 🎫

It's weird because as I write this I think about how divinely protected we ALL are.

Not just me. But everyone.

However, flexing those universal & spiritual muscles takes repeated practice.

We just have to find our own personal way of connecting to the divine that is unique to us, that's all. We have to find our own way of accessing that other higher dimension.

Some people find inspiration in prayer, some find it in music, some find it in books, some find it in movies, some find it in the middle of an argument when a lightbulb in their brain goes off, some find it in meditation, some find it in volunteering for others, some find it in writing, some find it in a YouTube podcast, some find it in telling silly jokes, some find it in watching the news, some find it in sports, some find it in the midst of a screaming panic attack, some find it in silence, etc., etc.

You get the picture.

Some may even find it in a bowl of their breakfast cereal where they see the Virgin Mary & then decide to make millions & sell their original photo on Ebay? 🙄

Whatever floats your boat, is what I say.

You can all freely find YOUR own way. I will not judge. But then allow me to freely find MY way…

My way of connecting to the higher realms has always been through triple angel numbers. Yeah, I know, I know. You're rolling your eyes. You’ve already heard about it.

Well, Google it & you will see I'm not the only one out there. Everybody is coming out of the woodwork & explaining their fascination with them. And… more power to all of you. I now have more knowledge at my fingertips!

So... THANK YOU!!! Seriously, THANK YOU!!!

I ran into a sweet girl in the sauna last week. She had the year 2022 tattooed on her arm, but with a heart representing the middle number zero. It looked aesthetically pleasing because she chose to display her triple 2's in a way that showed some creative thought on her part.

The 2❤22 on her arm jumped out at me because I am constantly on the lookout for these angel signs. Maybe it is an obsession with me. Maybe I tend to be a little more vigilant than others with them. Maybe I have a touch of OCD.

That's OK. In my book, I'd rather be more obsessed with angel numbers than performing Satanic rituals or pricking voodoo dolls.

Anyways, the girl & I spoke for a little bit.

(Actually, she was over 21 but she very much looked alot younger than her age).

She explained why the numbers had meaning to her. Why she chose the specific ones she had. We exchanged small tidbits of info between us. If I remember correctly, I mentioned to her that if you stop communicating how grateful you are to the ones in the spirit world who are looking out for you, then most likely they stop helping you because they feel unappreciated.

We chatted for a bit & then I left the sauna quietly to take a shower.

The only reason I'm posting this is in all honesty just a way of displaying a HUGE gratitude to all the angels who listen to my questions & then answer me. The questions I've been grappling with internally. The questions I’m afraid to ask out loud. The questions nobody really hears.


Probably because I'm too afraid to ask the people around me because – I'M ALWAYS TALKING TO MY ANGELS!!! 😂

That's all this post is, BTW.



After cleaning my phone today. 😍

Anyways, back to the whole gratitude spiel…

I figured if people are constantly putting themselves out there on social media, what better way to promote the angels as well?

So, just in case you forgot & totally did NOT understand anything I wrote at all -

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Eleven minutes later at a stop light. 😆