A Bawdy Gambler YouTube Chat 🔥

Yeah, I know. Here’s another promotion. 🙄

So what???

I can write about ANYTHING I want!!!

It’s MY blog, not yours…😂

And NO, I'm not getting paid for this, but thanks for asking… 🙄

OK, first off, it’s almost Christmas. So Merry Christmas, everyone. Yay… 🌲

Secondly, I'm really not in the Christmas spirit because I've been basically locked in my room for a couple of weeks. Experiencing debilitating panic attacks. The kind people don't understand. Watching YouTube videos, just leaving the house for a swim or workout or a doctor appointment here & there. A casino visit too. But basically just shutting myself in.

Thirdly, I'm severely depressed. 😞

So, what I do when I’m depressed is watch gambling videos. They always cheer me up somehow. The best part of watching them is I am watching pure joy in action when gamblers WIN or pure stomach punch when they LOSE!


I am watching someone either win money or lose…

Happy or sad. Simple emotions.

Well, I need to give a huge, big, gigantic, enormous, amazing, grateful & thankful shout-out to…

😍 NG Slot!! 😍

Again… NG Slot

OK, another time…

😍 NG Slot!!! 😍

Here is the link -


I went on a YouTube chat for shits-n-giggles to see what the hype was all about before I subscribed & it was absolutely a fun fest of raunchy comments, Armenian jokes, alot of laughing emojis, MORE raunchy comments (but mostly in English)…

Lets see, what else? Double-entendres, hints, winks, other subscribers chiming in & basically a domino chain of moderators & subscribers just laughing their asses off!

I couldn't stop laughing. I was laughing to myself, laughing inside of my head, laughing out loud & laughing when I turned my phone off. My husband came home & asked if I was OK because he saw me laughing in the room by myself. I told him what I just experienced. I said “You gotta see this!”

Then I replayed the live chat where everyone was joking about ANYTHING & EVERYTHING (& maybe your mother included)!!! 😂

There was some creative editing where not everything could be displayed in the end but it still was by far the funniest & bawdiest chat I've ever seen in my personal YouTube experience. Also, extremely honest about wins & losses, which can be very rare to see.

He takes a lot of risks.

He puts a helluva lot on the line.

He wants to see… HAYWIRE!!!🔥

He’s the kind of person you can live vicariously through because maybe you wouldn't have the balls to do something like that but you WANT to watch it to feel what it must feel like!

OK, here's another link to another channel of his if you really love entertainment but can't relate to the big bets. This one is for moderate bets. People who can't fathom the extreme highs & lows.

It's his twin brother – Having Fun With NG SLOT (Wink, wink) 😉


“Thank You,” NG, for the rollercoaster rides. You make it look easy but if I was in your shoes, I don’t think I would be able to handle everything with such charm like you do. Let’s go on a ride! Wheeeeeee…


Anyways, the main reason for writing this was because my depression had lifted for a little while & I met some wonderfully humorous people online so I decided to subscribe!

Oops, wait, gotta add someone else. Here’s another link to another channel. This guy was warm & funny – what a honey!!! If my memory serves me correctly, I believe he was one of the major joke contributors & he said a sweet “Hello” to me, although I was new to the chat & do not have a face on my icon. He made me feel extremely welcome & engaged in hilarious bantering the whole time.

😍 Mr Mike Slots 😍


Awww, a heartfelt “Thank you,” Mike. You didn’t know I was holed up in my room all alone but your easygoing & laidback warmth jumped across the digitally electronic airwaves. Also, you really know how to laugh at yourself when people joke about your height. Hahaaaa… 😆

That taught me to lighten up a little more about myself. You take it all in stride & that is really humbling to see.


Let's make this story short & then I’ll come back some other day & add a couple more YouTube names to sweeten the dizzying feeling of laughing with a bunch of happy-go-lucky gamblers.

Crazy clowns but actually extremely smart businessmen.

Enjoying their life & not being ashamed to broadcast it to the world.

Aaahhh, the beauty of laughter… 😆

If it comes with a jackpot handpay, even better. If there is no jackpot, still, there was lots of love & laughter.

I’ll take that bonus any day…


P.S. I just wanted to thank everybody who was in the chat room that day. Y’all don’t realize how happy you made me that one night. A big shout out to all you guys & girls because sometimes you don’t realize how sad someone is behind closed doors. Thank you for welcoming me into your world, even for a brief moment in time.

I love you all… 💖