A Rowdy YouTube Channel 🔴

Well, I kept my promise...

Repeat, I kept my promise…

I’ve broken promises before due to my relatively short attention span, but this time I had to keep it. I had to commit.

I wrote about some YouTube channels before on my blog & I mentioned that I was going to write about some more. The reason it’s been taking me so long is because I actually have to watch the videos in order to make a decision & sometimes it takes hours & hours & hours of viewing.

Patience is a virtue, the saying goes. To be honest, I don’t have much myself. (But I expect everyone else to). Hahaaa…😆

The only reason I started doing this is because I've been having severe panic attacks & sometimes I don’t leave the house for days. They can be very debilitating. I start feeling lonely & isolated & the only thing that cheers me up are gambling videos. So I turned my anxiety into something positive by elevating other people & their work.

Elevating other people has helped me to heal. 🙏

OK, enough introduction there, here is another link to a slot channel I watched recently -


Here is a link to the holiday special they did recently. Notice the spoof & reference to the famous Hollywood movie franchise “The Hangover.” VERY CREATIVE!!!


All I can say is who has all this energy???

BDSlots is so naughty with some of the words coming out of his mouth while filming. Almost like there are really no censors or no filters, just RAW!!!!

I believe the initials stand for “Big Daddy”.

His wife comes along with him, as well as some of his friends.

Also, not much shame in having a beer & saying cheers to the audience. Definitely no shame there! 🍺🍻🍺

We are all truly unique in the way we present ourselves to the world. Especially if someone has a channel & is trying to market themselves. In my heart, I’m not quite sure this guy is a really complicated marketing machine. (Or maybe he is, I've been wrong before). This guy just REALLY LOVES people & loves making people feel good! One of the biggest hams I've ever seen in the way that he spews his sarcasm while the camera is rolling.

The reason I wanted to give him a little highlight is he tries really hard to look at people's comments while the livestream is playing. That is quite a difficult task. Trust me, I have a hard time keeping up with people's comments while in a chat myself because it goes so quickly. 👀

That means you have to actually read like lightning fast ⚡ & then respond to the person who typed it ⚡ & then make comical jokes ⚡ & then keep your focus on playing slots ⚡ & then do math if you win a jackpot ⚡ & then interact with the friends around him who are making comments & hamming it up as well ⚡ & then jump to another machine & start the ball rolling on entertaining again ⚡ & then deal with strangers sitting next to him who are talking or interrupting him (but he includes them in the fun instead of being annoyed) ⚡ & then score another jackpot ⚡ & then make more off-the-cuff comments to more people joining the live chat ⚡ & then order another drink ⚡ & then look at the chat again & have more people typing & more responding ⚡ & did I say that he tries to actually keep up with all the comments???!!! 😛

Yikes, yikes, yikes! How fast can someone be? How much energy can someone have??? 😲

I've learned from watching these channels that there is tons of work involved. Tons. The creators just make it look easy, that's all. So if you are subscribing & watching, it is basically the same as having a remote control & watching your cable on TV & clicking & seeing what catches your eye. You go back & forth, check to see if you want comedy or drama for the day & whatever mood you happen to be in, then that’s the channel you decide to watch for the night.

Channel surfing, I think they call it. Everybody does it. It's normal.

Anyways, this guy deserved a shout-out to me because he really works hard. The one drawback people don't know when you create a channel is the overwhelming comments people like to shout out. When you are in your living room watching normal television, there are no comments from around the world being displayed. You don’t have to put up with everybody's thoughts, right? Well this guy DEFINITELY puts up with people’s thoughts. I don’t know how, but he does. I know once he starts having more subscribers, it will be a little harder & more challenging for him but it looks like he will be able to handle it.

He always responded & engaged with my comments I wrote him on his page, too. Not knowing I'm actually kind of shy around people sometimes in real life. He didn't know, nor did he care. Nor was he bothered by my heart emojis. I like to give them out innocently & randomly because they are supposed to warm people across the ice cold hard & frigid internet world we live in.

It doesn't look like he has a jealous wife who warns him about giving heart emojis out either, because he gives them back!

LOL… 😆


He includes people. He includes his subscribers. He mentioned on a livestream that anyone who wants to do group pulls with him, he welcomes them.


He is a multi-tasker. Extreme multi-tasker.

A definite standout & star on the streets & boulevards of the YouTube “Walk-of-Fame.” 🎥📺

Also, I forgot to mention that in his profile, he describes himself as a big teddy bear. And teddy bears are for hugging, right?

Well, then? Who honestly doesn't want to have a REAL & LIVE teddy bear???

I don't know about you, but I sure do!


P.S. Good luck, Big Daddy, to you & your wife & crew in jackpot heaven. You deserve to be blessed with many, that’s for sure. Thank you for making us all feel included in your party. Because that's what parties are for.

Hugs & hugs & more & more hugs to you…

And of course, Happy, Happy New Year…