A Special Birthday Tribute 🍰

There are people who stick out in your life who do things that you never knew anyone was capable of.

They may be simple gestures.

They may be huge & grandiose & larger than life.

They may be just small enough that pass under the radar & are barely noticeable.

Whichever category they fall into, you are the one that remembers because it meant something to you. Maybe nobody else noticed it, but you did.

Here is a special birthday tribute to a woman who has a birthday tomorrow. She is shown sitting next to her husband in this picture. They are from the YouTube channel BDSlots. One of the most giving, loving, supportive, generous & funny-as-frick husband & wife duos of the slot community! 🤗

(I apologize for the blurriness of the photo but it was the best my husband could do at the time when he took it a couple of weeks ago).

DISCLAIMER: I do NOT know Neil Young. But today, in my mind I do: 😆

ME – “Hey Neil, can you please sing a special birthday tribute to someone with a reeeeallyyyyy big heart? It has to be special, though. Not the usual song, you know? It doesn't have to be super upbeat. Nothing fake. Nothing fancy. Just simple.”

NEIL – “Sure, Anita. Anything you want. Can you give me an idea of what specific speed or style you need?”

ME – “Yeah, like I said. Simple. Heartfelt. Maybe a little sappy & slow. Like me. No dancing or choreography needed. Something pure & golden.”

NEIL – “OK. I think I got one. It's been around for awhile. People might think it's kind of outdated, though. But I've got the perfect idea. I'll play my harmonica & guitar & just sit on a chair, if that's OK with you?”

ME – “Perfect, Neil. Absolutely brilliant! Just your voice, that's all I need. As long as it's just your voice.”

NEIL – “Awesome, let's do it then… Let's go for it! I hope she sees it.”

ME – “Yay, I can't wait! I'm getting really excited, but I'm nervous at the same time. What if she doesn't like it?”

NEIL – “Oh, geez girl… No worries. Seriously. Everything is gonna be fine. Just stop worrying, OK??? I just have one question before I start. Can I ask you one thing before I play?”

ME – “Sure, what is it?”

NEIL – “What makes her so special that you had to hire ME to perform for her?”

ME – “Oh, that's an easy answer.”

She just made me feel included, that's all.

That's what her & her husband do best. They include people. They make others feel like they have a family. Especially the ones who really don't feel like they have one.

I guess you could say…


P.S. Happy Birthday, Ang! Please click on the link above & enjoy. 🍰

You & Ron are as rare as they come. I love you both!