Another Unexplained Unlocked Door 🏠

I went out with my husband for a couple hours last night & came home to the front door’s top bolt unlocked.

We have 2 bolts to our door. One upper & one lower. We ALWAYS lock both bolts when we leave the house.

The obvious sign was that there was no resistance or push to the top bolt that is usually there when a bolt is locked. When I turned it there was an effortless & loose feeling to it which meant that it was clearly in an unlocked position. The keys we have are special patented, restricted & “Do Not Duplicate” ones. Noone, and I mean NOONE, can gain access to our house keys unless you have authorization from us (& only us) to give permission to our locksmith.


I remember once coming home to the back door wide open leading to the patio when I know for sure it was closed by me before leaving. Because I have been physically assaulted in the past, I tend to be a little more vigilant & more aware than normal. Always checking every single window & door before I exit my house.

Hypothetically, someone could have come through the back so as not to alarm the neighbors, unlocked the top bolt & exited through the back again.

Because nothing of importance looked missing, the only reasonable deduction is that it was meant to scare me & make me feel unsafe in my own home.

Well, geez, what do you think happened? Of course, another panic attack! It felt like I was violated, trespassed & harassed, all at the same time. Yet another intimidation incident occurring again.


Possibly another bullying tactic used by gangstalkers? I've done enough research on gangstalking to know that invading a victim's home while gone is a subtle way to let the victim whom they are stalking know that they are watching them. A sign of sadistic tendencies. Taking pleasure in seeing someone else being tortured.

Well, guess what?


So many despicable acts of trying to trespass, violate & harass someone in their home – a very malicious & cowardly way to inflict psychological harm on someone.

It's cowardly because you are not confronting anyone at all. You are hiding behind some facade where I don't know what you look like or sound like, but you know what I look like. No touching, but silent, creepy & gaslighting tactics.

This 2-year old post from Reddit was written from another victim going through similar circumstances as myself. It was a few years ago & I have no idea if they are going through it still. But the fact they were reaching out online & looking for answers & questioning why this was happening means I am not alone. There are others suffering & trying to ask for help. Just putting puzzle pieces together to try & connect the dots, that’s all.

And to top it off, I'm a fragile 125-lb. 58-year old woman. Where's the fairness in that? Are you a man, a woman, a child, an older or younger person? Who are YOU? How big & imposing are YOU? Or are you just small & menacing but want to instill fear in someone else? What do YOU look like?

Oh, and WHERE do YOU live??? 🏡

What if I died from a heart attack because of the sheer terror of knowing a stranger was in my house while gone? Then it would be a no-hands-on, no-touch murder.

It is NOT a safe feeling to come home to an unlocked door!


I do not feel safe.

I'm tired. 🙁

I'm so very tired of this happening to me…

It is my absolute civil & constitutional right to feel 100% safe & protected in my own home.

Just like YOU! And everyone else that lives in this world.

I don't want to be violated anymore.

All I want is peace…


P.S. On the positive side, I think it may have motivated me to reactivate my essays again on my Medium account for other victims to read & feel less alone. Even if for a little bit, maybe it will inspire another gangstalking victim. 💘