Asking For Answers 🚦

October's over!!!

Goodbyyyee, cruelest month of the year for me!!! πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹

After my previous posts, I decided to ask for answers on how I should proceed with my writing. Divine coincidence usually plays out. Usually a comment, a chance encounter with a stranger or in my case alot of the time, a dream.

However, mine came through me doing my pool laps & encountering 3 people in the lane next to me.

Long story short, I went swimming last night. Before I went, I told myself that if the gangstalking is still continuing in my life, I will have to write about that to purge myself from those experiences. I also told myself that all I needed was a sign to move forward in that direction. If it has stopped, then I will stop writing about it. If it keeps happening, I can't let other victims down & pretend I don't see it. They deserve better than that.

Someone, please give me that red light or green light. God, please God, do I stop or go ahead? Green light, red light, yellow for caution. God, please, just let me be your vessel, that's all I ask… 🚦

Well, I got my answer! πŸ™

A huge β€œThank You” to the ladies in the lane next to me who talked rather loudly & intentionally to let me know what was on their mind. If you weren't in the lane next to me, I would never have gotten my answer.

They were doing β€œstreet theater.” Never talking directly TO me, just really loud & rude comments ABOUT me.

So all I can say is β€œTHANK YOU!”

You were put in my path to move forward.

To have more courage in life. 🦁

You were put in my path to purge myself from the cruelty of others who discard assaults on someone's body as trivial.

Thank you for saying those comments that made me rethink about the kindness of strangers.

Because I seriously started having hope again about that topic. I really did. I try to always see the goodness in people first. I try to give them the benefit of the doubt.

But this time it really made me aware that not everyone thinks like I do.

Strangers are NOT always kind!

I caught bits-n-pieces of your comments. You told your lady friend & the small girl with you that β€œIt’s annoying when someone gets handcuffed & all they get is a gash.”

Something along those lines. Not quite verbatim. But I can remember small bits.

Trying to put words together here.

Definitely the word β€œhandcuffed.”

Definitely the word β€œannoying.”

Definitely laughing while talking about it.

(But I did have a swim cap on so maybe I heard incorrectly because my head was under water half of the time. If I'm wrong, please seek me out again & inform me & I'll humbly remove this post).

Maybe you read my story about my assault that I wrote a couple of years ago & saw my photos? πŸ€”

Why would you say something like that?

All I can say is…

Please don't EVER ASSUME anything unless you actually talk to that person you are gossiping about or slandering!

Number One! – Noone handcuffed or restrained me on that night in question. I literally had 4 people clawing at me like animals. Yes, CLAWING!!!

Number Two! – When I had to do a follow-up appointment with a doctor weeks later, she saw the large gash & called the hospital to verify if I was restrained that night. They said NO, there were no restraints used. Which means NO handcuffs!

Number Three! – I have nerve damage & pain & bouts of tingling & paralysis in my left arm. Sometimes it is colder than my right one. So, it's not JUST a gash!

Number Four! – You could have politely said β€œHi” to me & talked to me & gotten the facts straight from the source before saying such ignorant things out loud for me to hear. Especially in front of the child you were with!

Number Five! – Women who don't take sides of other women in matters concerning an assault are insensitive. If your daughter or sister or mother or niece or other female comes running to you for help after an assault, I'm assuming you would trivialize it, laugh at them & not take it seriously. I kinda feel sorry for them if that happened & you had to deal with it.

Number Six! – I have PTSD after what happened to me & it gives me severe panic attacks. So again, it's NOT just a gash!

Number Seven! – Thank you for confirming to me that my gangstalking still exists. I thought it was over, but I guess not.

Number Eight! – Don't say things in front of a young child that plants toxic seeds because they will grow up one day & remember it.

Number Nine! – I am trying hard every day in my mind & struggle constantly with my self-worth & self-esteem & value as a person. Maybe you're not. Maybe you have your sh*t together & are perfect & I applaud you for that.

Number Ten! – Lastly, but not leastly, THANK YOU FOR READING MY STORY! I honestly thought nobody reads my work anymore. It's been more than 2 – Β½ years since it happened & I thought people would move on & forget it. Apparently not. People still have to remind me of my trauma every time I go out & try to live a normal life. Maybe YOU are the one who cannot get over it so you cannot let ME live in peace & enjoy my life.

Number Eleven! – Again, THANK YOU FOR READING MY STORY! Now I know that I still have a voice that is powerful enough for complete strangers to come out of the woodwork & talk about it. That's pretty deep, if you think about it. πŸ€”

Number Twelve! – Did I say THANK YOU FOR READING MY STORY enough times???

Number Thirteen! – OK, lastly but not leastly again…


I really am truly blessed. Truly, I am…


Because I now have more courage, that's why. Because of your actions, I NOW have more courage… 🦁

This post is dedicated to any targeted individual who has been gangstalked, anyone who has committed suicide due to gangstalking, anyone who has been silently murdered through gangstalking tactics, anyone who has been repeatedly harassed, anyone who is afraid to speak up about an assault on their body, anyone who DID speak up but then was slandered after or anyone who has ever been physically violated as a targeted individual.

Anyone who feels it will never stop…

You all deserve RESPECT.

And I'm honestly sorry if this post sounds mean, but my sister took her own life because she couldn't stand the evil gangstalking tactics that were imposed on her constantly. All she wanted was peace. But they just couldn't give it to her.

They -

just -

never -

stopped β€”-

That is something I will never forget!