Dear Mommy πŸ‘ͺ

Dear Mommy,

I just wanted you to know I had to delete my playlists & subscriptions on my YouTube channel.

Please don't be upset. πŸ˜•

I did it because you always are worried that your friends will be open to unwanted attention from the mean people that follow you.

Daddy always tells you it's in God's hands. That you should just relax & trust in Him.

But I did it because you are always so concerned about that. You keep changing your mind about whether to post your friends’ names & to be honest, it worries me seeing you worry so much.

So that's why I did it. Just like when you deleted your playlists awhile ago because you heart hurts when you see people get targeted.

Stop worrying & just let go.


God takes care of everything, remember?


Sometimes I see you distance yourself from people because you are too afraid of people getting close to you. You don't trust anyone anymore & it hurts me when I see you so distraught. Friends hurt you & friends turned on you, but there's still hope.

I can understand why you had to push yourself away because of all the hateful things that happened to you but it still bothers me seeing you like that.

You used to be so fun to be around!



There are still good people out there. People who still REALLY care.

Maybe one day you will realize that if someone follows you around trying to make your life miserable, it's most likely because THEY are.

I hope you see that. πŸ€—

That's what Daddy always keeps telling you, so please try to listen when he reminds you of that.

Life as a TI is not easy & I see that every day, but keep the faith, OK?

Remember, when you promote the people around you with LOVE you are always protected?

Please, for me, can you just stop worrying so much?


I miss you, Mommy.

Please come back to us.

I mean, you haven't left us physically, but you're just not the same inside anymore, that's all. I miss your smile. I miss your joy. I miss your laughter & the way you made us all laugh with you & your silly jokes.

I miss the way you used to be… πŸ™

Love you always & forever…

Your son,