My 'Auld Lang Syne' for 2022 💜

I look back on my highlight reel of best moments for me to watch on YouTube from 2022. If people have read some of my blogs, they see that I love gambling videos.

The one moment for me that deserves my personal Oscar award – 🎬

The Most Heartfelt Reaction of 2022


I witnessed the most heartfelt & genuine reaction of this gambler winning live. My husband was laying next to me watching. If you want to fast forward, please go to the 1:40:00 mark & watch from there. It's about 10 minutes from the end.

This man wins the MEGA live on camera as he is filming & I’ve never felt so genuinely happy for someone from the bottom of my heart. I literally had tears in my eyes because his child-like innocence was captured so poetically. 💞

I've been subscribed to him for awhile & he's always come close to some decent jackpots.

But this one took the cake for me because he never took it for granted that he WON something! To some people it might be chump change. To him, it wasn't. It was pure… joyful… ecstasy!!!

He affected so many people that were watching with him in real-time. He made people genuinely tear up. The comments that people were making on live chat & later on his page came from a deep place because his love for showcasing slot machines is REAL.

So, I had to make this my last post for 2022.

It really made a gut-wrenching ache in my heart on that livestream. Of course, in a blissful way, I mean. A positive & happy way. More like ethereal. He was so genuinely moved. Not afraid to show softness while filming. He was stunned silent, just for a little bit. 😢

People know I'm married, but sometimes that doesn't mean you can't fall in love with someone on camera.

With all due respect to his wife & my husband, I honestly fell in love that night.

Thank you, Tim…

Thank you for coming from a sweet & delicate place in an environment that often isn't. You are a genuine class act.

You make playing slots & winning seem like a surreal, spiritual experience… ✨

I hope you read this & listen to this video with your wife & little doggy. I hope you hold them tight & never let them go & take them for granted. Just like you never took that win for granted that night. Thanks for answering all my comments & your unwavering patience. I’ll never forget the memories.

You are truly one of the humblest & kindest people I have ever come across in my life.

Here's some cheers to creating more memories in 2023! 🍾🍸🍾

BTW, I truly love you…