My Christmas Post 🌲

Merry Christmas everyone!


I had to delete a Telegram account I innocently just opened up yesterday.

People who know me know that I'm not the most technically savvy person in the world. You could sit down & show me something & I’ll get it, but usually I make mistakes & learn that way. I was trying to open an account to get in touch with just one person, that's all.

No such luck.

Instead, I woke up today to check my newly opened account to search for my friend & found out there was some weird stuff going on. (Maybe hacking since I didn't set a passcode)? 🤔

There was only one profile icon I used with my initials AC on it. I used my full name too.

Then I started searching & found out other accounts were being opened with just the name Anita so I knew that most likely the same thing was going to happen to me that happened on Facebook. Random strange people were going to start chats, pretend it’s me, send porn, pictures, say mean things or whatever, bully me, hack into my account, etc., etc…

You know the old saying? – “Same sh*t, different day”. Well, it wasn't even one complete day yet.

Also, I remember seeing the name Anita with a cartoonish duck icon last night right after I opened my account. I thought it was bizarre because it was like someone was watching me in real-time setting up my account right away.

And the duck icon really made me realize how mean people can be. I've been called “duckface” before & I remember sitting at the casino once & someone yelling next to me – “It looks like a duck!” Out loud, the way a high-school bully would do. Lightbulb after lightbulb kept going off in my brain & I flashed back to all the cruelty that happened to me before my suicide attempt. There were so many people calling me so many mean things about the way I looked.

“Ugly, skanky, duckface, bitch…” (I can add more).

Strangers. People who didn’t even know me. Because the friends I have know me better & would never say those things to me. Why??? Because they KNOW me.

Anyways, they were really cruel words in public. It never stopped. It was constant. When I say constant, I literally mean for about 5 years consistently. Truly.

5 freakin’ years! 😳

After logging on & experiencing this, I pondered & reflected & told myself that I was not going to let a silly chat site ruin my peace of mind. If people think I'm ugly, that's OK. But you don't have to set up accounts & start bullying me again to ruin my Christmas day.

So, if anyone sent pictures under my name or chatted with you under a Telegram account, it wasn't me. I sent 2 kind messages hoping to get in touch with just one friend & I couldn't. It hasn't even been 24 hours & I have to shut another account down because of worrying about whether it’s going to be hacked all the time.

So hey, I am sorry I couldn’t find you on Telegram, my friend. 😢 I tried hard.

Yeah, so that’s my Christmas post to you…

I'm writing to tell you -


Remember the Grinch stole all of the Christmas presents at the end of the movie? 🎁

Then he woke up & saw all the Whoville villagers didn’t care if the gifts were gone.

Well, that's me today.

I don't care how others see me. I don't care if they try & steal my gifts on Christmas day.

You know why?

Because there are lots & lots of Grinches out there! (I'm talking about all year round, too, not at this time of year only).

My husband still sees beauty in me & that's all that really matters. 🙏

So if you are reading this & have been told that you are ugly. Like, constantly…

If people are always cutting you down. Like, always…

If you are being bullied about the way you look, the way you talk, the way you walk, the way you carry yourself – remember it's always the most insecure people who try to make YOU feel insecure.

Just keep that in mind.


  1. Don't let people steal your joy. 😁

  2. Don't let people steal your peace. 😇

  3. Everyone has beauty inside & outside of them. You & you & you & you… Yeah, I’m pointing at YOU! ☚ ☛


So that is my Christmas gift to you. That's the only thing I can bring to the table right now. Some insights, that’s all. If I talk about myself alot on here it’s because it’s my blog with my name. So I’m allowed… 😂

In all seriousness, I just figure I can help others by sharing whatever is going on with my life. If it uplifted you in some way or gave you a new perspective on your life, then all the better.

Yawn, yawn, OK, I’m pretty much done for now. I know this post seems rather odd, but it's the only way I can express myself.

Kind of like a duck. 🦆

You look at the duck, see an ugly duckling, say “Hmmm, it looks kind of odd”…

But before you know it, it slowly grows & then turns into a rather beautiful swan.

It may have taken awhile, it may have been a little slower than you wanted it to be…

But poof! Right before your eyes, it finally became a SWAN…

Awww, yeppp, finally…

A beautiful & breathtaking SWAN… 🦢 🌼


P.S. Merry Christmas. Remember, you are ALL beautiful. It may take time before others see it, but you've always had it inside of you. From day one. Always.