My Naughty/Nice List πŸŽ…

Here is my list this year -

Once upon a time I made a list of people I promoted who I thought needed some extra love.

Maybe I was wrong. Not in promoting them but maybe it was the way I listed them. They all deserved the spotlight, but I've come to the realization that lists FREAK PEOPLE OUT!

Because alot of other people ended up hating those lucky people when they found out they weren't on that list. And some of those lucky people didn't even have a simple β€œThank You” to give even after finding out they were actually on that list.

I guess you can say they were naughty. 😈

Then there were those lucky people who were SO grateful that they went around telling everyone about it & spreading & multiplying the cheer to others!!!

I guess you can say they were nice. 😁

I'm not Santa, so I don't think I will make any more lists this year.

We've all been naughty sometimes & we've all been nice sometimes. So maybe it's just as well.

My Christmas wish for you is to look in the mirror & realize that the greatest gift you can give anyone is the love you have for yourself first. When you truly find it WITHIN you, you will tend to stop trying so hard to look for it in the others that are OUTSIDE of you.

That is my list for you…


P.S. Merry Christmas to anyone who feels like they are living in a world controlled by likes & views. Remember, you are worth more than somebody else’s thumbs up!