Tired of This! πŸ’©

It is almost 1:30AM my time.

Trust me, right now I really would rather NOT be writing this!

I had to post another screenshot I took of my phone earlier today (technically yesterday since it's past midnight now) to share the hatefulness of what gangstalkers do to people who are just trying to live their life every day not hurting anyone.

Just trying to live a normal life.

When I went to log in to my account, this is what keeps showing up on my end.

Lo & behold…



They took down Cuzzy's GIF I had published on a previous post & erased it so I was determined to access my account to restore it.

I honestly don't know how long I will be writing on this account anymore so that's why I needed to post this really quickly.

From someone else's computer, everything looks normal. I checked on other devices & all seems well. Clicking on a link to my stories & all looks good. So if you are worried that clicking on a link to my story is unsafe, it is only if THIS shows up!

Only on my device when I try to log in were there constant interruptions that all displayed this warning sign. It has been intermittent these past couple of days.

I feel so frustrated because these are the actions of cruel, mean & hateful people!

I don't go around hacking into people's phones for a living. Those jobs are for the ruthless.

However, it's been happening consistently now for days at a time.

And the days will turn into months.

I know it. I've seen it all too much already.

What if I had an online business & they destroyed my income?

Because if you ever do research on TI's, that is one of the main goals perpetrators have for them. Destroying any kind of income or job that you want to aspire to.

That's really cruel, isn't it?

Now you know why I'm so afraid of getting close to people!

Trust issues!

Major trust issues! 😣

There is so much gratitude in my heart for this platform I'm writing on right now. It has been my saving grace from all the years of retaliatory bullying & stalking I've had to deal with.

(As you can see, I'm trying to look on the positive side in this point in time).

A big shout out to Write.as for giving me my First Amendment rights to free speech!



Truly, I am writing this & I feel blessed that you gave me the opportunity to write, to help me promote others & to just share my life experiences with other people or other victims of this constant harassment.


Thanks -

for -

letting -

me -





Maybe it's time to buy a new phone anyways. I've had this one for 6 years at least. In today's world, that means it's not really trendy to have a phone that long.


Maybe it's a sign, right? πŸ€”

I don't know???

All I know is…

I'm tired of this!

So tired!

The cruelty to just keep trying to break someone's spirit…

The cruelty to just make them want to give up...

The cruelty to just never, ever, ever let them live in peace...

The cruelty to suck all the remaining joy they might have left in them…

The cruelty to just inflict hate & more hate & more hate & more hate…

The cruelty to actually watch me write this & then coldly go about your life the next day doing it all again…

I wonder how you do it?

I'm fascinated by the intricate evil minds you have.

I'm truly fascinated.

But one thing, that's for sure.

I'm glad I'm NOT like you.

I'm just really glad I'm NOT like you, that's all.


Because I've NEVER been attracted to evil, that's why!



Thank you, dear Jesus, for giving me the courage to still sign off this short post with purple hearts because I'd rather put up my middle finger, to be honest!

God Bless all targeted individuals nationwide & everywhere in the world! The violations you've had to endure on your privacy, your body, your mind, your brain, your thoughts, your freedom, your joys, your jobs & whatever it is they tried taking away from you -

You are the true spiritual warriors of this world, please remember that!

Oh, look -

More purple hearts… πŸ˜†