Yikes, A Heads Up On YouTube! 😳

YIKES!!! 😳

I uninstalled my YouTube app temporarily.

So obviously I'm not leaving comments for awhile.


I watched some videos from certain slot channels who were trashing each other, left & right, no stopping, seriously, just back-and-forth bantering about other people's channels!

It never stopped!

There were constant accusations, name-calling, bullying & gossiping. Almost like a community-mobbing or public lynching going on!

I believe the word for it is HATE-WATCHING!

Yikes!!! 😳

Where did the slot play go? Where was the joy in showing fun on slots? Where was that?

At this time for the holiday season, just seeing so much hatred made me lose my interest in viewing videos for awhile.

Deep in my heart, I truly love promoting people. It elevates my vibration & it also elevates the vibration of those I've written about.

But I seriously need to take a break when I see that the hatred is outweighing the love. I need to step back & not get sucked into the spiraling drama I've been watching. It's a shame because there were so many channels I was going to write about & promote. There was a list I had that I was going to follow up on.

At my age, I already have gotten wise to knowing that Santa was all just a money-making gig for kids. πŸŽ…

But if I had to sit on his lap again & tell him what I want for Christmas, it would be really simple.

Peace, Santa, please, just peace.

Good old-fashioned peace. ✌

I know that sounds corny, but I can't think of anything that would brighten my spirits again. There used to be so much joy when I started watching YouTube videos. They used to make me so happy.

Like a little kid. πŸ’ƒ

But my joy has been waning since I saw those cruel videos that were posted. It kinda left a bad taste in my mouth. A bad taste I can't really wash or spit out.

However, I still am keeping the main stories I wrote about the gambling channels I truly love. Those stories you see in the links at the bottom of my channel page. There are links to 6 or 7 main channels that really sparked my attention. I will never take those down because I have a soft spot for them. They all made me feel included in the slot community. All of them. πŸ’

My deepest gratitude to them. πŸ™

But truly -

I just want my joy back, that's all! 😁

It feels like people just stole it from me. That they just pulled the rug out from under my feet. Like, where did my carpet go?

Another thing – it's the holidays. I can't handle everyone's drama because I have enough of my own!

Geez, you guys, does everyone really secretly hate each other that much? Boy, I feel so naive not knowing that. If you are wanting to make money & views off of hate-watching, then keep doing what you're doing.

If you are getting paid for all those views & you decided that's the route you're taking in life, by all means, go do that. It's a free country, isn't it? πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

However, I need to listen to myself, as well. Maybe one day my joy will return back & I'll start watching YouTube videos & I'll go back to promoting others again.

But for now, it's not in my heart to do that. My heart is not really into it.

It feels like the mythical Cupid shot an arrow & rather than making me fall in love with people, all it did was make me fall out of love with those people instead. πŸ’˜

A strange way to describe it, but that's how it made me feel.

Hmmm, it's strange how hatred can make such a powerful statement, isn't it? These videos are getting thousands & thousands of watch-time views as opposed to only a couple hundred for other creators who do what they do out of love.

That shows that our culture likes to hate, doesn't it?

It also shows we're all hypocrites. I mean I was one of the people that clicked on the thumbnail, right? So maybe I was interested a little. Maybe I wanted to see what the buzz was all about.

Well, I can't unsee it in my mind, as they say. I can't undo what I viewed. πŸ‘€

Hopefully something changes before 2024 shows up & I come across a sign to restore my faith in humanity again.

I guess you can say I'm looking for a miracle. Here's to crossing my fingers.