YOU Weren't The Ugly One – THEY Were! 💔

Hey sweet sister…

Remember all the bullies who gangstalked you?

Remember all the mean & cruel things they shouted at you?

Remember all the horrific things they did to you?

Remember when you couldn't take it anymore?

Remember when they stalked you, followed you, repeatedly harassed you & called you ugly?

Remember when you took your own life because of everything they did to you?

Remember when I gave that speech about you 6-½ years ago to let them know that bullying someone repeatedly to commit suicide is murder?

Well, it happened again to me yesterday at the new gym I went to.

Four gangstalkers shouted “She's so f**king ugly!” as I walked past them.

Like, really, really LOUD!!!

Huhhh? Not again? 😳

They pretended they were talking about someone on TV but I know it was meant for me.

They kept repeating it so many times.

I actually even stopped to let them know how mean they were.

My heart sank because it’s been ongoing for me for so many years. 6-½ years of retaliatory bullying.

It made me think of you because I know the horror they put you through. My heart hurt more for you than me because I realized how difficult it was for you to handle.

So many years…

But, please try to remember this if you are looking down on me & see me writing this right now -

YOU weren’t the ugly one- THEY were! 💔

Try to find it in your heart to forgive them after all this time.

Remember, if someone is “ugly-on-the-inside” like they are, it's because they don't really know the true beauty WITHIN them that they are capable of.

That's kinda sad, isn't it?

Instead of choosing love, “ugly-on-the-inside” people choose hate.

(I kinda feel sorry for them).