Your Favorite Emoji ❤

Dear Mommy,

I'm trying to cheer you up today so I hope you appreciate the GIF I made for you.

I found a scratch-off at the lotto kiosk with your favorite emoji…

The heart. ❤

It's called “Queen of Hearts.”

Daddy is helping me scratch it off.

Wouldn't the world be a more wonderful place if we could all have that as our favorite emoji?

I'm sorry if I don't win anything on it but I hope it helped you smile & laugh a little bit.

It only cost $5.00.

But even if 5 bucks helped you giggle a little today, it will have been worth it!

Maybe this will be stupid or dumb to others if they read it, but making you feel joy in your heart again is more important to me than what others think.

BTW, I just want you to know that I never thought you were stupid or dumb or ugly or whatever it is that mean people always call you.

It's just that you happen to be a little different, that's all.

Maybe some people don't understand what the word different means… 💁

Love you the MOSTEST!

Your son,