... a nobody sharing the thoughts that already existed, that are rediscovered, and which may remain ...

A ⌛For Everything

a heretical derivation from Solomon’s writings in Ecclesiastes

There is a time for everything.

A time for words. A time for no words.

A time to work hard. A time for work moderately.

A time to be with people and express yourself. A time to not be with people and forget yourself – and just exist. Be.

A time for silence. A time for noise.

A time for sweating about. A time for lazing about.

A time for tears. A time for apathy.

A time to masturbate. A time to not masturbate.

A time to play hard. A time to play moderately.

A time to be a night owl. A time to be a early bird.

A time for worrying onto paper. A time for just doing and relishing the method of the work.

A time to earn money. A time to forget about money and watch it burn.

A time for war. A time for peace.

A time to gym. A time to laze about at home.

A time to ruminate over a post. A time to hit the damn Publish button.