... a nobody sharing the thoughts that already existed, that are rediscovered, and which may remain ...

earning and asking


I may not have been earning money for the last 177th days of my sabbatical year …

But I am earning trust. My own trust. The trust of my family. The trust of God.

But I am earning the skills of a comic book artist. Spending that valuable time – given by God – on a project that was left to me by my younger self.

But I am earning a good sleep by interleaving my work sessions with my physical regime sessions. Earning a stronger physique.

Finally, I have been given time as the days are doled out to me. Saving time by working from home. No longer spending three hours a day – fifteen hours a week – on public transport, where your physical position to do work is not ideal for health.

What will the future hold? I don’t know. I needn’t worry. I am just going to stick to the malleable plan. Cross those bridges when I come to it.


And most importantly, keep asking God above for help. Everyday. I asked that 377 days ago. It has come full circle, and I am back to saying these words.

“God, will you help me?”

These words are like the words spoken by an elderly lady I met on the train. The clothes on her body were soiled, the odour that rested on her body signalled many days of no shower, and she asked me in tears “Can you help me?”.

I gave her twenty dollars. Not much help, really.

I asked God today the same question she asked me. I pretended that God said “I will help you”.

I responded “Even if I didn’t really help that lady on the train?”.

God said, “I will help you still.”