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My Target Audience

Who is my target audience for this blog? An important question that recalls the lessons learnt in high-school English.

Admittedly, given the wide variety of posts, I haven’t had a target audience in mind. I was writing for me.

And so, in a ego-centric manner, I can then outline who I was writing for. What is it about me that can be generalized? What context do I have that are shared by more than me?

I write for those who have grown up in religious settings, which are still many in this time.

I write for those who grew up in the broad cultural context of post-Christian Western-dom.

I write for those who grew up in migrant Christian context, being the first generation born in Australia.

I write for those who grew up burdened by addictions, carrying that heavy yoke from teenhood into adulthood.

I write for those who want to be truly free, and are still searching. For I am still searching.

I write to hopefully earn little grains of you, the reader’s, trust. I cannot be in person, I will not show my face, or use my voice, or reference my name, but I will use words. I will use generalisations where they fit, and specific details in other cases, and I will share about myself and God who is with me.

I write because my words are the weapon in the spiritual war we are in. A spiritual war that I have come to appreciate, more and more.

I have been asleep to this. It has been a painful but important awakening, riddled with and compromised by sin, but the faith hasn’t died, as miniscule as it may be.

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