... a nobody sharing the thoughts that already existed, that are rediscovered, and which may remain ...

remember me (i)

Creator Omnipotent, will you remember me so?

Even if I burn in hell, amongst only evil I dwell,

Or must you blot me out of thy mind, for already to hell i have THOU resigned,

For the memory of my sin, THOU must surely blot out,

For in Heaven, the Perfect Place, towards sin there is no route,

For though in my mother’s womb THOU hast made me,

For all my sin against all – THOU, i, and they – does THOU not doubt,

Why should YOU have made me? Why add to the sorrow of the centuries?

And so it is all a gift, but I waste it all to my misery.

For will you remember, i say to my soul, the bitterness and the gall?

Why sin anymore, for it breaks me, enslaves me, and leaves my heart raw.

Will you remember, and act otherwise?

Please do, lest our spirit quickly dies.

And we fall asleep again in Hades, not paradise.