An Enquiry to Inquiry

Wondering how is this going:

Worker in the breezeway, music event here on the 31st, gave two weeks notice (well, a tad less, but they seem to want to accommodate) on the software position at work, Thursday, to pursue something pretty gosh-danged different, namely teaching 6/7/8th graders math with a touch of comp sci – less pay, but I'm projecting way more fulfilling.. plus summers off.. oh, and my wife accepted a teaching position in the same place, so: to and from work together, same work schedule, she'll be a great mentor for something I've never done before, and etcetera to the satisfaction power.

It sounds quite fulfilling, although, maybe some extra patience is also needed ... (?)

I did teach once—at the university level, though—and I quickly realized it was not for me. That place was a private school, and as a product of the public education system, I couldn't get my head around the fact that my students were, at the same time, my “clients”. Plus, they didn't care about anything other than getting a diploma with the least possible effort, and that killed all the potential fulfilment.