No subscriptions for you

When I made this blog public, I turned on the email subscriptions, then I disabled them the next day.

There are no subscriptions for you, sorry. You can use RSS if you want, or even fediverse. But I don't recommend it.

Our inbox is overflowed already, one email more only increases the noise.

I don't want to be on your screen by default, I don't want any of these words being shoved down your throat, I really don't.

But you're welcome to come by anytime you want.

I don't have strict writing schedules, but (based on the historical data) you will find something new every month. Once a month visit is enough.

Broadly, there are three categories of posts:

  1. Rants, a coping mechanism to get through my days; you should skip those.

  2. Topics I deeply care about, somehow personal, and maybe irrelevant to everyone else. You might want to give those a try from time to time.

  3. Random ideas that come to mind. I'm not sure where these come from though. I used to ignore them but they came back insistently. It feels like there are ideas that want to be written down, that's it. Not trying to sound esoteric, but maybe some of these ideas want to find you, and this blog serves merely as a meeting place.

Unfortunately, posts are not categorized. Although, I add hastags here and there.

Sorry, no subscriptions for you, and no subscribers for me. But you are welcome to come by anytime you want.