Numbers don't lie

Indeed, one is one, not two, not zero, but one.

Two is greater than one, which in turn is greater than zero.

Yet, we don't care about numbers, we care about the stories behind them. Numbers don't tell stories, we do.

One human life is not equal to another human life. Depending on where and how you were born, a human life is more valuable than another. One is not one.

Many argue they only care about facts, hard data. “I trust the Science”, they say. Yes, not science, THE Science, with a capital 'S'.

As if it was a superior construct that has nothing to do with us, biased, selfish human beings.

As if THE Scientists belong to another kind of human being, a flawless kind, incorruptible and free from mundane passions.

As if they, from the top of their ivory tower, were the only perfectly qualified to dictate how reality actually is.

Numbers' unmistakableness does not guarantee absolute truth. Numbers may be correct and yet, create the wrong perception.

I like numbers. Numbers don't lie, we do.