On keeping up with the (virtual) world

This #YThijack experiment has shed some light on how I interact with the online world. There is a mixed feeling of duty and excitement that pushes me to watch every video, read every article (or post), consume every bite of information coming through my feeds. This is unsustainable and absurd in equal proportion.

In those virtual places where information is exchanged, where our attention — the scarcest asset of this century — is sold, it is so easy to overbudget. I must confess I take the bait more often I would like to admit, that I end up wasting my time consuming cheap entertainment.

Today consumers' behaviour has been carefully crafted to choose whatever is more convenient, whatever takes the least effort. Companies (and individuals) know it, and make huge profits from it. That's why showing up on the first page of a Google search, or getting the YouTube! algorithm to recommend your content, or placing your product in the premium spots in a grocery store costs you more (either money or time), it does not matter what you put there, consumers want it.

This ongoing experiment has provided me space and time to put things in perspective, to break free from the loop. This interminable loop of watching and never feel that it is enough. Enough, have we forgotten to recognize when we have had enough?

Life is too short to keep up with the virtual world, and I have had enough trying to do so.