On publishing anonymously, without feedback and stats

I've found an interesting thought written in (or by) An Echo of Lost Thoughts. I do agree that writing anonymously helps to focus on the ideas rather than who wrote them; it eliminates distractions.

The lack of (easy and convenient) interactions in a platform like W.a. is a useful thing; no comments, no 'likes', no feedback (at least not by default) helps with our addiction to dopamine. We still have 'mentions' (like the one I'm doing in this post), but it requires a bit more effort than just pressing the 'like' button, so it is way less common (unless you're Inquiry).

Still, we have some basic stats. How many people viewed this post? W.a. answers that — not sure how accurate that answer is, though. I would prefer no stats whatsoever since I know I can't ignore them.

Yet, one mention here and there, or knowing that some people read your post, gives some motivation to keep writing. Still, the goal should be to unlearn this idea that we have to profit from everything we do, even from jotting down some ideas that, most likely, are not even truly ours.