Part-time activism

Instead of accepting the things they can't change, some people are trying to change the things they cannot accept[1].

What if a large enough number of people pick up one thing that considers unacceptable.

Then, each member of that group consistently spend time on it —thinking, reading, writing, talking, sharing—every single day.

Since this group of people is large enough and we live in a hyperconnected world, chances are a subgroup of those individuals meet each other at some point. When that happens, a subgroup of individuals became a community.

People within the community cooperate according to their possibilities. Some might devote their whole life to fix the thing, others could only afford to become part-time activists; everything counts.

What if you knew that a large enough number of people will eventually join, and the only prerequisite is that someone starts doing something, what would you try to change?

[1] Dirty White Gold: The Seams of Sedition by Leah Borromeo