Whats, Hows, Whys and a cup of tea

I have two blog posts and one story to share today.

Zampanò's “Letting Go” is a thought-provoking yet comforting piece. Feeling guilty, questioning our most rooted assumptions, understanding privilege; no easy nuts to crack there. And then, What should I do? What must we do? Is it really something we can do about it? How do I know I have done enough?, How to deal with the frustration all these questions triggered?

Why the constant need to document our lives online?, Dino asks hym-self. In a world obsessed with finding answers to how (there is even a whole category for that, how-to guides), finding an invitation to ask a different question open genuine reality shifting opportunities.
Being able to answer: I prefer not to, on the constant invitation to share our lives online is quite liberating.

These days, when the popular abound, I feel grateful by finding those little gems along the road, pointing to the important.

Now the story.

A colleague at work drinks tea in the mornings and coffee in the afternoons. That sparked my curiosity from day one because I do exactly the opposite (except caffeine-free Mondays). I've been asking him why, but his answer has been always the same, something like: “I don't know, I used to drink coffee in the mornings as well, but then I started to do it the other way around, and it stuck since then”.

This morning, while drinking our respective beverages and waiting for our daily standup to start, I asked the same question once more, this time his answer was: “Seven or eight years ago I worked with another engineer in a project for several months, we spent the mornings together, and he always had tea, so I started drinking tea as well”.

We don't really know if, how and to what extent we influence others, but it happens, constantly.

(And no, I still drink coffee religiously before noon; otherwise, I can't sleep well).