Words from an anonymous person*

when the compliant took the jabby that others forsook

they were allowed to get together

because the pass protected the wearer

from those that were too dim to see

the disadvantages of being vaccine free

this brave new world was here to stay

and all willing to conform giving priority way

into places protected from those that neglected

to care about others by rejecting being injected

in this newest version of democrazy

the technocratic define freedumb

as compliance to experimental gene therapy

we all must listen to those that are driven

to manage our bodies with scholarly wisdom

that come from schools where pharma money rules

corruptions transformed into dogmatic gruel

that feeds the minds of those that can know

only of what the funders decided to sow

as truth and right how dare the bright

question the self-evidence of compassionate might

fear is always the worst contagion

and those that manipulate ours want to dictate our salvation

with “vaccines” and masks and jabby safe pass

witch are as foolish as a butt plug to prevent the passing of gas

the sangha/people are warned

the only inoculation needed

is the one against humanity divided, misled, mistreated.

*sent to me by email.