Staying in Oltre il Giardino. In the heart of Venice. I scheduled a meeting with a tech hub folks and they were waiting for me on the fondamenta next to the entrance. Ilaria picked my bags from the boat and they called out. We met in the giardino. One of them, Matteo, lived next to it! Simona lived in Padua. I need to visit the University of Padua!

After that I went out. The restaurant, Murofrari, had tables out set but nobody there. Neighbors told me they open at 6. I started listening to Jay Holler and Ian Brown’s Twitter Space, with current and former Tweeps lamenting the demise of their company. They were preparing a Twitter for Good Day next Friday even outside of it.
Went back to get the AirPods and fell hard asleep. When I woke up it was past midnight, went out to get a drink. Everything was closed except for Cafe Noir, with a lot of youth outside, talking, hugging, communicating. One of the bartenders looked like a dobrovolets. Beard, long hair, wire rim glasses. He sniffed a small shot glass.
I made some photos from the steps of the streets hitting the canals. Checked what restaurants are still open, one nearby was there by mistake, 12am instead of 12noon opening, Osteria Fanal del Codega.