The fall in Zurich is wonderful — when there's a sunny day following a rainy one, you walk around the lake and see the leaves in their glorious foliage colors, the restaurants with their outside chairs covered in furs, the shops. There are boats on the lake and businesspeople in suits in cafes. Many black cars, the ratio of Porsches and other high-end cars to others is the highest I've seen anywhere, starting at the airport.

There's excellent bread, anywhere German speakers are present geographically, Zurich confirming the rule. I found a cafe which is also a bakery, and you can buy a loaf and eat it instead of a puny croissant.

Found cafe Odeon again and had a coffee there, where Lenin and Trotsky shitposted about Russia. Nice walk back down Bahnhofstrasse, what with all the watch shops, UBS bank with social realism frieze of workers and peasants, etc.