Love, Butterscotch

“Granny! Butterscotch, not chocolate,” Timothy said.

“Oops!” I replied, scooping the ice cream.

“She’s coming, more sprinkles!”

“Grandma J, you always know what I like!” said a girl in pigtails.

She handed me a folded $10 bill, but Timothy yanked my elbow, before shouting, “On the house!” blushing bright pink.

“Thanks, Tim!” she said, bashfully.

“You know I can’t keep giving every girl you like, free ice cream!”

“Don’t worry, Granny, he’s paying!” Timothy said pointing behind me.

I turned around to a silver-haired man with a wide grin plastered on his face. He gave me a cheeky wink and a nod, seemingly in agreement over picking up the tab.

“Of course, he is,” I said rolling my eyes, trying to hide the hint of a smile erupting across my face.

After all, we were called, Love at First Scoop.