The Tea to Oblivion

The last drop of tea was barely consumed when the doorbell rang. Yet again. A long day serving 26 cups of tea, erasing the countless memories from the human lives of each soul passing to the great beyond. A thankless job to be a grim reaper.

He hurriedly ushered the soul towards the great beyond and rushed to open the door. There stood a cloaked figure, delivering a letter that contained the next soul’s favorite human memory.

A child asks his mother “What do you think you’ll miss the most, mama?”

The mother takes a deep ragged breath and replies “I know I’ll miss hugging you” “Mama, what’s the purpose of our lives?” he says pointing to the dark night sky.

His mother slowly says.

“I don’t know, sweetie. But there is something beautiful about our lives here. I see each person’s soul as a glowing orb. Each orb plays a role in bringing light into someone else’s life. So, no matter where you find yourself. Make sure you ask everyone you meet how they are doing. I know your orb glows the brightest.

The doorbell rang again. The soul had arrived.

The grim reaper opened the door awaiting a woman, but instead saw a child, that said: “Hi, How are you doing?”.

The slightly surprised reaper, looked at the child and said “Good thank you, would you like something to drink?”.

The child smiled widely and said, “Yes, please I’m parched!”