Recovering from the traumatic brain injury of social media

The tart but not sweet taste of the Zestar apple
Is something I never enjoyed before moving to Minnesota.
That so much taste could be contained within a single bite.
Now I see the reason for it being our national fruit, if you could ever say we really have such a thing.
And yet most of the country eats Red Delicious.
Fibrous, chalky, flavorless,
missionary with the lights off and a thick condom on,
No wonder we all are losing our minds.
If only more of America knew about good apples,
Or good rice,
Or good anything.
We have been deprived of so much of our history.
Trained like rats to crave hot dogs, and Uncle Ben's, and oxy,
By a process both expedient and intentional.
God Save America,
And bring me another apple 🍎