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Fight On: The Darkness Beneath Megadungeon

The Darkness Beneath is Fight On!’s community megadungeon. It was one of the early (if not first?), big collaborative megadungeons. Many of the levels are as great today as they were in 2010s.

Each level can either be used stand-alone, repurposed for another dungeon, or used together. As a nice bonus, David Bowman levels form a cohesive underdark setting. Bryce Lynch found many levels to be some of the best adventures in the OSR.

Without further ado, here are the levels and issues they were published in:

Level Author(s) Issue Review(s)
Level 1: The Upper Caves Hackman, Calithena, David Bowman Fight On! #2 Bryce
Level 2: Warrens of the Troglodytes Calithena, David Bowman Fight On! #5 Bryce
Level 3: Spawning Grounds of the Crab-Men David Bowman Fight On! #3 Bryce
Level 4: The Mysterious Crystal Hemisphere James Maliszewski Fight On! #4 Bryce
Level 5: The Lower Caves David Bowman Fight On! #6 Bryce
Level 6: The Fane of Salicia Lee Barber Fight On! #7 Bryce
Level 7: Palace of Eternal Illusion Matthew Riedel Fight On! #11 Bryce
Level 8: The Deep Caves Heron Prior, David Bowman, Calithena, and Simon Bull Fight On! #12 Bryce
Level 9: Citadel of the Dark Trolls Lee Barber Fight On! #14 Bryce
Level 10: The Hall of Mirrors Calithena Fight On! #8 Bryce
Level 11: Fungus Forest and Mold Falls Makofan Fight On! #13 Bryce
Level 12: The Blasphemous Shrine of the Tentacled God Jeff Rients Fight On! #9 Bryce
Level 13: Caverns of Slime Alex Schroeder, Lior Wehrli, Chris Roberts, Ndege Diamon, Kelvin Green Unpublished Bryce
Level 14: City of the Ancients Chris Robert Fight On! #10 Bryce
Level 15: Tomb of the Black Lord of Nothingness Unpublished

Side-view map by Robert Conley; “LX” scribbles by myself:

Print compilations are available at Lulu:

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