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Another Year Without Resolutions

I wrote last year about how I was planning on giving up on New Year's resolutions. Well I did. And nothing really changed one way or another. In that post I wrote, “Today is New Year's Day”, which is one way of looking at it. The apparent corollary of that is that “New Year's Day doesn't exist”, which is the essential position I took last year.

I'm only going to acknowledge in passing the difficulties of 2020. It was a tough year for everybody. The idea that things are just going to get better overnight when the calendar changes is magical thinking at best. Yet people want to have hope, because the opposite is likely despair.

At some point in about August of 2020 I decided to start taking music lessons, for mixing and mastering and Ableton Live production. The idea is that I will be learning how to do these things for my own music, so that I can release professional sounding versions of my songs (not demos or anything on Soundcloud) without breaking the bank to pay someone to do these things for me.

If I were to have a New Year's resolution, a secret one, this year, it would be to finish my album and get it out there. But it has nothing to do with the calendar changing, it's just something that I want to do anyways.

And there are other things I want to do anyways, like be a good husband to Abby, generally get things done at work and be a good co-worker, and find things to fill my time in general so that I'm not bored and restless. But these are continuous goals, not something that I wasn't doing yesterday and that I'm suddenly going to start doing today. These are things I continuously strive for.

Happy New Year's everyone! Whether you believe in resolutions or not, I hope that you have a year filled with meaningful relationships and accomplishing your goals.

So what's your resolution, if you have one? As always I'm Travis Briggs, of fame. If you'd like to comment on this post you can do so on Mastodon ( or Twitter (@audiodude) or send me an email at