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Giving Up On Resolutions

As I've written before, I'm a sucker for New Year's Resolutions. And yet as the first link from this time last year states, I've also kind of given up on them. They're simply ineffective at creating any kind of real or lasting change. I've come around to the “today is New Year's Day, it is a Wednesday” kind of thinking.

Is it a loss of innocence, a renunciation of magic, with which I give up New Year's Resolutions? I think a belief in the special, the magical, is very healthy and energizes me more than anything else. For me, however, at this time in my life, resolutions are just something to feel bad about in March.

I'm not interested in any kind of self-help, getting stuff done, motivational voodoo to replace resolutions with, either. I think I'm more attracted to the mode of thinking, currently, that things are basically fine and I should just let what happens happen. Not that I'm going to stop trying new things, like maybe a D&D group at work, or tutoring a new friend in Javascript in the new year. But those are just things I kind of want to do anyway.

No, I'm not a bastion of satisfaction and joy. I don't spend every minute wrapped up in feelings of usefulness and contentment. Many of my minutes are still filled with malcontent, boredom and apathy. But maybe that's okay, that's just part of living.