Yet Another Blog I Won't Update

Last blog post? (or: Digital Gardens For All!)

When I moved off of Medium in 2018 to, I posted a short redirect to the new location. I would do that again here, except that I don't have a new blog...

...I have a new digital garden!

Blogs are awful, reverse chronological order is awful, trying to package up disparate thoughts into a neat little morsel of a post is awful. None of it is fun. It doesn't usually serve as a reference to myself, and no one reads it so it's not serving anyone else.

Digital gardens are awesome, learning in public is awesome, backlinks are awesome, and knowledge graphs are cited by almost everyone doing knowledge research as a major net gain in organizing information. I like the idea that my digital garden can be messy and fun and unfinished, because it's there mostly for me.

It's also nice to self host again after almost a decade of being under the control of some other organization.