Witchcraft from an Artistic, Anarchist Queer.

A Science-y Witch Hymn

I wrote this song this morning while out with the pup. You can sing it to basically the tune of “The Hanging Tree” from The Hunger Games. Or you can make up a tune. I’m very happy with how this turned out.

I am one with the world,
the world is one with me!
The water flowing in my veins has been in sky and sea!

There is iron in my cells
There is iron in my blood!
How can I be apart from earth
When her my heart does flood?


There is salt in my cells
There is salt in my mind!
How can I be unclean when
Each thought renews me in kind?


There is water in my cells
I am water through and through!
How can I be unnatural
When I'm made like the dew?