Witchcraft from an Artistic, Anarchist Queer.

Grimoire Printables: Vintage Nightshade

I started scrapbooking for my grimoire recently. It’s been a delightful process: I take entries from older grimoires when I was a baby witch, as well as entries from my book of shadows, and I cut them out and paste them into a lovely old photo album I have.

However, I found that I had a little extra space, and since I love filling every bit of available space, I found some vintage nightshade botanical prints, printed them out, and had a good time painting them and gluing them in.

Since I’m an anarchocommunist, I’m here to share them with you. Feel free to use them in any way you like: all of the images are public domain, from the Wikimedia Commons.

Here’s where you can download the printables.

(Here’s what they look like, by the way! Happy crafting!)