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Sunday Selection 2021-12-05

I saw the first signs of ice on the local water bodies while on a walk today. It may not technically be winter yet, but it’s definitely coming. The days are getting short, uncomfortably short, and though I am a fan of brisk winter weather, I also like the sun being out. Thankfully it hasn’t been too cloudy yet, so I make it a point to get out at least for a walk every day. But all that being said, I see myself spending a lot more time at home and indoors in general. Which brings me to:

Do Dishes, Rake Leaves: The Wisdom of the Ancient Homemakers

I’ll freely admit that housework is an acquired taste for me, and even today I try to keep most of it limited to one or two days a week. But I also like the end result, so I’ve been trying to dislike it less. And being mindful of what I’m doing helps. While you should definitely go read the whole thing, this excerpt gets to the point:

Nothing is worth the measure we give it, because worth doesn’t really exist. It is a figment of our judging minds, an imaginary yardstick to measure the imaginary value of imaginary distinctions, and one more way we withhold ourselves from the whole enchilada of life that lies before us.

If nothing is worth it, why cook? Why shop and chop, boil and toil and clean up after? To engage yourself in the marvel of your own being. To see the priceless in the worthless. To find complete fulfillment in being unfilled. And to eat something other than your own inflated self-importance. That’s what we empty when we empty the bowl, and a busy kitchen gives us the chance to empty ourselves many times a day.

MD Nichrome: on Spacing and Sci-Fi

This article combines a number of my favorite things: science fiction, typefaces, design and art history. It’s a long read, but chock-full of beautiful, well-researched images and examples. If you want to learn a decent amount of history about design and typefaces used in science fiction, and also see a typeface come into being, pour yourself a fresh cup coffee and get comfortable!

Things Learned Blogging and How to Blog

It’s getting to the end of a year, sadly another year where I realize that I wrote much less than I would have liked to. Though I don’t agree with all the things (especially the parts about technology), I agree with the general theme. In particular, one of the reasons I started writing Sunday Selections was as a forcing function to write regularly, though unfortunately that happens less often than I like. Again, new year, new hopes. We’ll see.

Lost in Space Season 3

Lost in Space is one of my favorite recent science fiction TV shows. I don't like it quite as much The Expanse, but it's a close second. I think it's a big improvement on the original and does a very good job of updating the characters and themes and introducing interesting storylines. It's not perfect, the characters are a little one-dimensional, and there are some plot holes, but overall I enjoy it a lot.